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First steps into the new digital world—The Beginning

In 2009 I had a life changing accident, I lived and worked in an incredible country working with animals which were a hobby of mine.

I faced some stark realities quickly, finances became tight and many daily tasks became a real struggle. 
For around 2 years I was restricted to a wheelchair, in this time I had 10 + surgeries trying to claw back my previous life with full mobility. The more I tried the further this seemed from my grasp.

I had my initial surgery in the country I was living and working (Bali, Indonesia), around nine months later I was getting frustrated at still being in a wheelchair, I had allot of time researching what I should expect from my  recovery.

The local doctors were quite pleased with my recovery, I had a few friends who suggested going elsewhere for a second opinion. This led me on another great journey.

I scanned and emailed my x-rays and medical notes to doctors in a number of locations (UK, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia etc). I received back to decent leads. A friend of mine was travelling to Singapore in the school holidays to go to the opening of universal studios. My wife and 2 children came along for a small holiday and a visit to a specialist at the national university hospital.

I wasn’t prepared for the speed that Singapore operates.

My initial appointment with the specialist was mid morning, he booked me in for a few blood tests and x-rays.

These were completed the same day, on being wheeled back to the doctors office it all seemed amazingly professional and very fast after the pace of Indonesia.

I went into the doctors office and he explained to me it wasn’t great news, the x-rays from Bali were quite blurred, he now had very clear x-rays to use with my blood work up. I had developed a deep bone infection. He wanted me to undergo surgery as soon as possible but there was a catch—the cost.

I needed to resolve some issues in my business and get the money together, he impressed on me the urgency to get the surgery completed within 4 weeks to remain healthy.

I did manage this with some help from friends and family, it was a very scary journey. Even something as simple as getting on a plane was made very difficult as stairs were the only option to get on the plane. I had to hold on to a flight attendant and be carried up on his back (on Bali), once I arrived in Singapore everything could be accessed in a wheelchair, although attitudes were the same, very few people were willing to speak to me in a wheelchair, it was a very lonely place.

Over the next 2 years I had allot of surgeries and slowly moved out of my wheelchair and onto crutches.

During December 2010 my parents were killed in a car crash during a heavy snow storm in the UK. I returned to the UK for their funeral. During my time in the UK my left hip metal plate collapsed leaving me in extreme pain.

Over the next 2 years I fought my way back to health having a hip replacement on the way. The whole process has left me physically limited with many daily activities being challenging. After going back to an industry I previously worked in during my previous time in the UK and struggling at each job physically.

I have decided to go down a new path to help other people who are struggling with their health with helpful ideas and tools for living and working and also help everyone with becoming more environmentally aware with helpful articles and guidance from electric vehicles to green energy supply.

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