Microsoft Office 365—AND the MAC ??????????

I’m not going crazy, you can use Microsoft office 365 on a mac. The subscription model is really good for my business and my small family.

Apps you get access to are:







To Do

Family Safety




You can install it on up to 10 devices with 5 users, perfect for my family of 4.

I started working from home setting up my new business venture in August this year (2020)

I had office 2016 installed on my iMac up until recently. Some of the features I had at work (we had 365 subscription on windows 10 ) were quite nice so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase 365 for my macs at home.

I have now been working away with these products for the last 4 months consistently, trying my best to create a profitable business to support my family.

Daily I have been using Word, Excel, Onedrive, Teams, Outlook

Less often Powerpoint

I tried out To Do but found using the notes application on a mac more suited to my needs, maybe because I was used to using this as a daily aid.

Why does Microsoft 365 matter? Its the standard for productivity suites, competing products are generally measured against applications from the Office 365 suite.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that provides users with the basic productivity applications necessary to get work done in the modern enterprise. Productivity applications include, but are not limited to, a word processor, a spreadsheet, an email client, a calendar, and a presentation application. In fact, because of Microsoft 365’s cloud-based structure, the suite of productivity applications is constantly being updated and improved, so no need to worry about virtual attacks or viruses Microsoft are so famous for.

One thing I have really struggled with is PDFs, which you can open some PDFs with word (you can save any document as ODF in word), I used to have adobe PDF pro but when I upgraded to Catalina OS this was no longer supported.

Adobe and Apple seem to disagree on allot of issues.

I have found some great software for PDF editing that remains at a competitive price, its called ABBYY finereader pro for mac, I will be writing an article on this as it has been a lifesaver a number of times in the last few months.

I have also had to dip my feet into the world of social media to gain some customers, I swiftly remembered why I left facebook in 2011 due to their invasive software, I solved this issue mostly by using a VPV whenever I connect to any social media platform (I have written another article on this, today I am using ULTRA VPN which is a joy to use on any of my devices and guarantees my privacy)

Privacy is under attack.  Net neutrality seems to of disappeared, our data being sold to everyone. Some ISPs will soon be allowed to sell their customer data to third parties.

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