Polestar, Unique car and business model

Polestar is creating quite a noise in the EV market currently. It’s a unique design with many great features that will possibly top Tesla.

From streamlined door handles to doors

Streamlined door handles

Polestar is aims to bring the best electric car in the world designed and engineered without compromise. 

They also offer a unique form of “ownership”, which is described as “hassle-free ownership and premium services, where all interactions and orders can be performed online.”

This is a unique form of business model for the automotive industry 

Polestar  are using a subscription based offer, this will be an all inclusive single monthly payment to provide hassle free ownership.

The monthly fee will include everything from maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance to pick up and delivery services that will redefine the owner experience. 

All orders and transactions will be completed online.

This online approach will be complemented by stand-alone retail spaces around the world. 

Polestar Spaces will be located in city areas where people gather and where customers can experience Polestar by meeting and talking with experienced agents.

The Polestar Production Centre is located in Chengdu, China. Designed with both sustainability and the brand ethos in mind, the centre is a manufacturing plant and a physical manifestation of the Polestar brand.

Opened in August 2019, the centre is one of the most environmentally responsible in China and was built with the aim of achieving Gold status in the internationally recognised LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ratings. The centre is located on the Chengdu Plain in western China, the most ecologically sound manufacturing hub in China.

A test track is staffed by Polestar drivers is in a fantastically modern space, all visitors are welcome to enjoy the space which offers glimpses into the entire manufacturing process.

The Polestar experience centre details the Polestar universe making the production centre an all-encompassing experience for visitors.

Polestar, Unique car and business model

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