Internet Privacy is under attack…..

Net neutrality seems to of disappeared, our data being sold to everyone. Some ISPs will soon be allowed to sell their customer data to third parties,

 If you do not use one already, now is a good time to get a VPN.

I will help the newbies to understand what a virtual private network(VPN) is,

How this relates to privacy online and hopefully explain how VPNs actually work.

What Is a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for virtual private network. The translation is in the name, you just need to understand its context.

VPNs started from the requirements of companies to let people access their work environment remotely, with the same credentials and levels of access as being physically in the workplace.

This is not normally possible or  recommended

By setting up a security program, a VPN client, you can trick the network you are communicating with that you are the same network.

This is creating a network in virtually well…, It is virtual but not physically connected to each other in the usual wired way. It is password protected and also private,

A VPN is a highway that you can use without other people having access to your employers network

The biggest use for VPNs is using the network to access the internet. The reason for this is when you are using a VPN, you will not show up as “your PC” on the internet, you show up as the network, instead. The reality of this means that you are hiding your true identity behind the network you are logged onto, making it impossible to trace you.

The anonymity also covers your internet service provider

They can only see is the VPN connection you made, nothing else.

This works out great for people worried about ISPs selling on their data.

How does a VPN function.

A VPN functions by replacing your IP address (IP stands for internet Protocol = your home address) with that of the VPN.

The fastest VPN services could see a drop of 10 percent in speed, some other suppliers will slow to a snails pace. You need to select a VPN provider with lots of servers in many countries, this will help you to find one that offers you a good speed.

I have been using Ivacy for a while now and have had excellent results at a good price

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