Wheelchair accessible vehicle

Transforming an Electric vehicle for your personal mobility needs.

At different stages of my journey back to health I have had varying different needs. I am very happy to help/research and advise on personal needs.

Designing any vehicle is a very personal journey. Whether you need a  wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) or steering wheel adjustments.

One great company for detailed vehicle design is Allied Mobility

If you already know the attachments you need Active Mobility have many steering wheel spinners, gloves, pegs etc 

What is a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are designed and converted by specialist companies to allow a disabled passenger to travel in their wheelchair. 

Vehicle floors can be lowered and a foldable ramp or an electrically-powered lift fitted to the vehicle. The wheelchair user can then enter via the rear or side of the car at the same level or assisted by the ramp.

Where Can I Buy Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

There is a great selection of wheelchair accessible cars for sale across the UK from a variety of specialist dealers. 

Most will provide a free home demonstration to ensure the vehicle is right for your needs. Some also have rental wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire.

Buying, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Disabled people, each have different needs, which is why suppliers need to offer a wide range of mobility adaptations and wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale (or hire). Many companies choose to work with Peugeot, Ford and Volkswagen. Engineering teams aim to utilise tested innovative ways to make wheelchair vehicles as accessible and user friendly as possible. 

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