sma ev charger

Charging an electric vehicle at home, going fully green.

I don’t pick up my electric car until Thursday 17th which is exciting, my journey was a little rushed I have found a few greener way to charge since my install of my own home EV charger.

I was quite limited for wall space on my driveway, this reduced my options. The local installation company offered 5 models (see earlier blog post)

The ultimate dream would be to be fully off grid for my house and car, it seems there are allot of chargers out there that offer this option.

Today a SMA smart EV charger dropped into my email inbox.

The SMA EV Charger allows home operators to charge their electric vehicles intelligently and sustainably.

SMA EV Charger is highly flexible and is compatible with all standard electric vehicles thanks to its tethered type 2 charging cable. 

In combination with SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0, customers can prioritise solar power for charging their electric vehicles or home.

It can be easily operated via a rotary switch on the device or from the SMA Energy app. 

The boost function enables vehicles to be charged twice as fast as at conventional charging stations. Small solar capacities can also be utilized to the greatest possible extent through the automatic switchover from single-phase and three-phase charge modes. 

The smart system always takes loads into account and prevents the home connection from becoming overloaded.

Using The SMA Energy app, system owners can have all the relevant information about their systems at the ready at all times. 

This ensures greater transparency thanks to up-to-date information about the charging process and maximum control through configuration of the charging mode.

Its really convenient: 

Simply enter when you want your car to be ready and the app starts the charging process automatically.

It is safe and convenient using power outage protection

A simple design and worry-free operation through automatic adjustment of the charge power, even during parallel operation of multiple loads – this ensures that it is always possible to utilise the maximum available power that the house connection and the vehicle allow for charging.

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