Receiving my electric car—24 hours to go.

E-day (is that a thing ?) is almost here. Tomorrow at 15:00 I can collect my new electric BMW i3.

I chose the i3 as at the time of purchase there were very few built from the ground up electric cars available, mostly just converted ICE cars where the electric motor replaces the ICE.

Since then (just at the start of COVID when the world was a different place) there have been a couple of other cars that have caught my eye, Honda E, Volkwagon ID3, are two that have looked great cars.

My last car was an ICE, although alleged a “green diesel” that I pay £20 a year road tax for. I have been very pleased with it although in all honesty I don’t really challenge the car. Mostly I used it for my daily commute of 22 miles (round trip) and once a month to our other site which is 158 miles away.(316 round trip)

I had a welcome email from BMW last week in the form of a handover introduction to the new car.

Every day since I returned to the UK (9 years ago now) I have felt like we as a race are ruining the world and am trying to right some wrongs.

The next step for me is to purchase an electric vehicle and hopefully join a trend to reduce emissions worldwide.

For me buying a car is quite a slow process as I need to get it altered to fit my physical needs after an accident in 2009 left me disabled.

The i3 has an amazing seat which I instantly felt comfortable sitting on. I have ALLOT of metal in my legs and also an oversized hip replacement which was fitted because of my young age at the time(better quality to last longer for a more active person)

The i3 has a really nice front seating area without a middle tunnel which makes it feel open and airy.

It is very easy to swing my legs out of and place them on the ground, this is important for not causing extra strain on my legs.

The inside design is very futuristic although no touch screen. My current car has got a touch screen and to be honest it has distracted me a couple of times when I want to turn the AC up or down which is 5-8 touches of the screen.

I think with the controls by your hand as they are in the i3 you will be able to watch the road and change the controls as you are able to save favourite buttons.

I had my home charging system fitted a coupe of weeks ago, I went for an EO system (see link in other blog post)

I don’t remember this excited about getting a new vehicle since my first car when I was 17, which was an old but very cool Triumph 2000TC

New electric vehicle

I’m not entirely sure why I am so excited, maybe it’s the start of something new.

Maybe I will have one of the new green number plates fitted

It’s a 14 mile ride home from the BMW garage tomorrow, hopefully we will miss rush hour.

The buying experience by BMW has exceeded my expectations.

I will do a full update on Friday.

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