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Continuing on my EV journey

I have had my i3 for a few weeks now and only charged it twice, which was a bit of a shock really. Both times I chose to charge the battery was not under 50%.

Currently I am not doing many miles per week, even on a busy normal week I would do no more than 100 miles,

Currently there are no good electricity tariffs that give overnight cheapness for charging. I have an EO charger which ramps down the amps if you are drawing allot.

You can see from the two charging graphs above how much energy was added each time.

18.5 kWh (£2.96) first time and 20.7(£3.31) the second time. Normally in my dinosaur fuelled car I would put in around £60 every 2 weeks, so financially its already working for me.

The acceleration is impressive in this car, I pulled out from the local garden centre and when straight I floored the car (60mph road) and it put a big smile on my face leaving the cars far in the distance behind.

Being able to condition the car before getting in is very nice also, the first week it was quite warm at home.

It rained pretty hard last night when I was charging, taking the type 2 cable off today it was quite wet, I did take the time to dry out the ends and connectors. Its something many people mention. I will investigate this some more and report back.

We visited a couple of garden centres, at the second one I let my wife and daughter go in as my legs were painful. This gave me some alone time in the i3 and I took this time to set up all the displays and features. I was very impressed at the level of detail BMW go to for the displays inside.

So far I am really enjoying driving the i3, on a damp road more care needs to be taken on corners due to the large torque available.

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