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Electric cars, what to do.

Cars with low emissions are more environmentally friendly than their dinosaur fuelled relatives, they are often good for your wallet too. 

Green cars  good for business users and the general user, 

Lower emissions result in  the Benefit In Kind tax rates for these vehicles. 

How do ‘green’ cars better for the environment? 

It depends the manufacturer you go with. 

One route is to go for the hybrid option. Some cars offer ‘closed hybrid’ systems, while others are plug ins. Plug ins offer bigger battery packs that can be charged from the mains, and allow these models to travel further on battery power alone, without using the engine at all.

All hybrid models work on the same principle, with a combustion engine used in conjunction with an electric motor and battery pack to get power to the road. Most rely on the engine to be the main power source with the electric motor providing additional power when conditions are suitable.

The other option is the full electric car (EV). They need off-street parking and preferably some kind of high-voltage charging method. This means zero emissions driving.

The best green car for you depends on a number of factors. You will need to work out how much you want to spend, plus what sort of driving you’ll be doing. 

If you’re using a car for a short commute, then an electric car could be perfect, as you could charge it at home and then again at work as long as you’ve got the facility to do so. A hybrid aims to combine the best aspects of an electric car and a conventional one. 

It is compromised in both areas, because you need to make sure the battery pack is fully charged and in use, otherwise you’re just using the conventional petrol engine (which isn’t very efficient when used on its own) to power a car that’s heavier than standard courtesy of said battery and electric running gear.

Many EVs have a great range now and are definitely worth looking at. 

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